Roasted bell peppers with garlic & herbs

roasted bell peppers embrace the sweetness of this yummy veggie & have a much different flavor than sautéed bell peppers or raw bell peppers. the perfect addition to sandwiches, salads or side dish to your meal!

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GOOOD morning & happpy friday! this week has flown by for me & hopefully it has for you, too! i wanted to give you something to try over the weekend that is so so simple but so so GOOD. and cost saving :)

so now that michael and i are married (woop woop!) we did what all good newlyweds do -- got a Costco membership. HA.

you'd think for two people you wouldn't need MASS quantities of ingredients, but then you go through 5 jars of peanut butter in two weeks and you're like oh? Same with oatmeal, deli meat, pasta sauce, eggs,  guac... you get the deal.  

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one other thing we (well, me) go through pretty quickly is roasted bell peppers!!! i feel like they don't get enough attention from people. anyways..

we ended up with this HUUUGEEE bag of bell peppers from Costco that, at the time, i though were SO essential. wrong. the peppers were in the fridge about to go bad and i was like uhhhh how are we gonna handle this.

we're kinda ballin' on a budget so throwing food away is very frowned upon in the moye house.

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i ended up deciding to just roast them all in the oven AND IT WAS AMAZING. literally the easiest thing but taste 1000000x better than store bought.

instead of taking the traditional route of tossing them in olive oil, i just sprayed the peppers with coconut oil and it worked like a charm. why? well, coconut oil is super duper good for you ( find the benefits here) and i love how spraying my roasted veggies gets them evenly coated. none get left behind! after spraying them i cooked them in the oven for a couple mins until they got, er, sweaty? ...sorry, i don't know a better word :( . by doing that it makes the spices stick better in my opinion. 

once the peppers cooled a little, michael and i tried them and our minds were blownnnnn. they were so sweet and just naturally tasty! the peppers were such little work it seemed too good to be true. michael was literally in amazement and it was kind of hilarious haha. 

sometimes you gotta step away from all those fancy shmancy recipes and get back to the basics, like... roasting bell peppers ;) recipe & instructions belowwwww.

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  • 5 bell peppers -- or however many you want to make!
  • coconut oil spray
  • garlic salt
  • cracked pepper
  • mrs. dash (sodium free)


  • preheat the oven to 450F
  • cut off the stem with a paring knife and get the membranes & seeds out.
  • cut each bell pepper into four sections.
  • place the peppers cut side down on some parchment paper on a cookie/baking sheet and spray with coconut oil.
  • sprinkle mrs. dash, cracked pepper & garlic salt on the peppers as desired.
  • roast the bell peppers in the 450F oven for around 20 minutes, then flip them and bake for another 5-10 mins.
  • the peppers are done once the skins are charred and wrinkly. 
  • let the peppers cool for a few minutes. 
  • remove them from the baking sheet and place in a covered bowl to let them steam a little bit (about 30 mins).
  • i chose to leave the skins on because i'm weird like that, but most people peel off the skins.
  • place them in a tupperware to store them, or just eat them all right then!!
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Quinoa, Almond & Cranberry Salad: A Summer Essential

Summertime = BBQs, lake trips, concerts, festivals, farmers markets, bonfires and just fun events in general.

In a nutshell, lot's of food and socializing. 

One of my favorite go-to dishes for summer events is pasta salad. It kind of screams BBQ, don't you think? I just love a good pasta salad with my burger and massive plate of fruit. Sit me by the pool and throw in a good book and i'm in heaven. Yepp - that right there is my happy place. BUT, of course I wanna find the healthiest option cuz modifying comfort foods/fattening dishes is kiiiiind of a hobby.

I found this pre-made side dish that already did the modifying for me (with ingredients I could pronounce), & I was like OKKKAY -- shout out to Suddenly Salad for makin' my life easy.

Normally i'm not one to go for the boxed option, but this particular one has brown, wild & red rice, quinoa, cranberries, almonds & a sweet/tangy vinaigrette. Aka everything you need to be happy. Legit if I made a pasta salad from scratch that's everything I'd put in it... With the addition of chicken/fish of course.

AH, perfection.

For this occasion I kept it REAAALLL simple and followed the recipe straight off the box. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right? But if i'm feeling fancy I might:

  • add the salad on top of a bed of spinach & toss it with some avocado, edamame and a little lemon.
  • or if you're feeling SPICY add some pulled BBQ to the pasta salad.
  • or inside some lettuce wraps with some feta cheese and a little shrimp or chicken. 

The quinoa adds protein so you can go hard on the veggies and skip the meat all together if you want.

Mmmm roasted summer veggies. LOVE.

Fun facts:

  • Quinoa is a complete protein which means it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health.
  • It's a nutritional powerhouse containing 8g of protein, 5g of fiber, 30% DV magnesium, 19% DV folate, 15% DV iron and heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids. (per cup)
  • It's a gluten-free pasta substitute

Ta-da! Easy peasy andddd basically you'll be everyones favorite person at the potluck/bbq/party/etc.

What's your favorite summer dish? Do tell.

x, elizabeth

+ Many thanks to General Mills for sponsoring this post & encouraging me to try Suddenly Salad.