Last weekend I went to Best Buy to get a GoPro with my boyfriend and found myself at the fitness tracker/watch section. I ended up walking out with a Polar FT7 watch and I could not be more happy I did! All the machines I had been using at school were so far off on how many calories I was truly burning.


First, you program the watch with your height, weight, age, and sex. Next, you wear a heart rate monitor strap on your chest that sends data to the watch. Combined, all of this information allows your watch to accurately calculate and display how many calories are burned.

(I was worried the HRM would be super noticeable under my clothes, but turns out you can't even see it)

        IMG_0231        IMG_0235        IMG_0237

I was so excited to workout after I bought it, but reading the results was pretty depressing. Turns out I only burn about 65-70 calories every mile I run! This is way different than the 150 I was told I was burning. Sadly, all those times I thought running a few miles burned off the Frozen Yogurt I may have gone a little overboard on.. I was very wrong.

I strongly encourage you all to go out and buy a fitness watch to accurately track your calories. If you are trying to lose weight, tracking calorie intake and calorie expenditure is key. Wonder why you’re not losing weight? You may think you are burning an extra 3,500 calories a week (which equates to losing a pound a week) or you could be very far off. It’s important to be honest with yourself about how much energy you are actually putting forth.

**Keep in mind the more you weigh the more calories you burn. You may burn more than 70 calories a mile, but I would bet you aren’t burning 150!