A Friendly Reminder... :)

{Pay more attention to your Creator than your critics}

Stop and ask yourself: "Am I trying to be healthy, or am I trying to be skinny..?"

There is a major difference between wanting to be skinny and wanting to be healthy. Before you start a diet or claim you want to change your lifestyle, first check your motives behind it all.

There is  a l w a y s  going to be someone skinnier, prettier, funnier, smarter, and just all around better than you. Thats just the way life goes. At least that's how it goes when you are constantly comparing yourself to your peers -- your critics.

I love my body and want to treat it right because it is a gift from God.

I don't eat and exercise the way I do to look nicer than the people around me. I do it because a healthy lifestyle gives me more energy and mental clarity to work hard at every day life and serve Him more fully.

Your body is connected to Christ. Do not starve and overwork it. L O V E the gift you were given! Our body is truly the temple of Christ and we need to cherish, nourish and protect it!