Monday Motivation

So I know Monday is just about everyones least favorite day of the week, BUT it's also a fresh start in case you fell off track over the weekend. A nice little trick to a successful [ health ] week is to never miss a Monday. It sets the pace for the rest of your week!

This Monday I started off my day with a  breakfast sandwich, fruit, and a cup of coffee. But the coffee is a given.

                          breakfast sandwich       mixed fruit bowl

The breakfast sandwich had turkey, egg whites, cheese (light laughing cow), salsa and was on a 90 calorie wrap. All of that was only 210 calories, was packed with protein, and was low fat. It definitely kept me full for my work shift. After work I grabbed some lunch and headed to the gym.

polar watch workout

Today was legs day and I already know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. I also did a good bit of cardio to start my week off strong.